A Safety Message from EST Jennings

Safety as it relates to the construction industry is talked about often. Tips, suggestions, toolbox talks, special events - there are a multitude of ways to acknowledge and stress a safe jobsite.

But when it really comes down to it, being a safe worker means looking out for your fellow co-workers. Everyone has a role in creating a safe work environment, regardless of their position or responsibilities.†

Whether you are an apprentice, journeyman, foreman, superintendent or a year away from retirement, be the person on the jobsite who makes sure everyone leaves for home at the end of the day in the same condition they arrived. Be your brother and sisters keeper.

The SSMRC expects all of our members to strive to meet these job site safety standards:

  • instilling a core value of safe work by everyone, from apprentices to superintendents, via continuous training
  • teaming with General Contractors, PMs and owners on a projectís safety program to identify, assess, monitor, manage and eliminate risks
  • consistent safety-related communications among all stakeholders prior to and throughout the projectís life cycle
  • meeting and exceeding the highest level of OSHA and other industry safety standards
  • reinforcing zero-tolerance from our millwrights regarding safety infractions and near-misses
  • ensuring that the level of safety training meets and exceeds the level of inherent risk factors†

One of the most effective ways to be a safe millwright is to be a trained millwright. Our unionís safety training is specialized, relevant, and designed to meet real-world challenges levied by contractors, manufacturers or the end user. Relevant training materials are always available so that workers have the skills they need to be productive and safe on the job site. Take a training class and hone your safety skills:†

On the job site, model excellent safety practices. Talk with your co-workers or start conversations about safety. Lead by example and lookout for your brothers and sisters.

Remember: If itís going to be, itís up to me!

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