Tennessee bill would limit ways to form a union

A bill in the Tennessee Legislature would micro-manage how votes for union representation are conducted at private businesses.  

The bill – HB 1342 in the House of Representatives and SB 650 in the Senate – would make a secret-ballot election the only option for forming a union for employees who work for an employer who has received economic incentives from the state of Tennessee.

Those workers would not be able to use card check, sometimes called “majority sign-up,” to organize a labor union. Through card check, employees sign cards or forms saying they want to be represented by a union. Both card check and elections have been overseen by the National Labor Relations Board since the National Labor Relations Act became law in 1935. The employer never sees the authorization cards or information that would reveal how a particular employee voted.

Tennessee legislators should be focused on legislation that creates safe, good-paying jobs and on solving the many serious issues facing Tennesseans. Discussions about worker representation should be left up to employers and employees, with oversight by the Labor Relations Board, without outside influence from politicians.

Please take two minutes to tell your legislators: Vote “NO” on HB 1342/SB 650.