Our Services

Quality work at a competitive cost — that’s what our industry partners need and what SSMRC millwrights deliver.

Ensure the highest level of service and expertise, the least amount of production downtime, and the safest jobsite practices by staffing your project with SSMRC millwrights. They have the training, skills, and experience to complete the work safely, quickly, properly.

Guaranteed Productivity

Productivity is guaranteed with millwrights from the Southern States Millwright Regional Council (SSMRC). Contractors who employ Southern States Millwrights have access to unlimited, ongoing training for any project, and a veteran workforce that gets the big picture: When the project is successful, everyone benefits.

Industries We Serve

From material handling to auto manufacturing, SSMRC millwrights can be found performing the kind of mission-critical work that keeps the world moving. SSMRC millwrights get extensive training to build expertise in industries such as material handling, mechatronics, oil and gas, power generation, and renewable energy.