Since 1995, we have been going through constant change with our regional council structure. With every generation of change, our regional councils have improved. As of Aug. 30, the locals of the Southern States Millwright Regional Council will be merged into the Central South Carpenters Regional Council, the Southeastern Carpenters Regional Council, and the Florida Carpenters Regional Council.

We are looking forward to providing members with new possibilities and opportunities, including better wages, benefits, and jobs. See more information in the document here. Read a welcome message from the three other regional councils: Central South Carpenters Regional Council; Southeastern Carpenters Regional Council; Florida Carpenters Regional Council.

Stronger than ever,

Jason B. Engels
UBC Southern District Vice President


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“I’m very happy with what I’m doing. I make good money. I like what I do. That’s not bad for somebody who didn’t go the college route.

–Calder Manley, member, Millwright Local 1192

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