Jobsite Stewards

What is a Jobsite Steward?

The union steward is the key link between the local union leadership and the rank-and-file membership. The steward is an extension of the business agent and serves as their jobsite deputy.

As an information conduit, the steward gathers and transmits reliable information to and from the business representative and the jobsite.

The strength of collective action by our membership cannot be achieved without dedicated and effective stewards. Thus, the steward plays an invaluable role that the union recognizes, appreciates, and honors!

The Steward’s Role

The Steward may be called upon to help business agents fulfill their many duties, some of which include:

  • Organizing and protecting the local jurisdiction;
  • Administering collective bargaining;
  • Monitoring and pursuing employment opportunities;
  • Supporting millwright development and promoting union labor;
  • Fringe benefit funds (offering contract information);
  • Processing grievances and settling disputes; and
  • Engaging in community and political activity to support labor.

General Steward Responsibilities:

  • Promote the Union
  • Job Safety
  • Protect Jurisdiction
  • Knowledge of Benefits
  • Contractor Relations
  • Knowledge of Contract
  • Knowledge of Bylaws
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Promote Craft Pride
  • Represent Members
  • Provide Union Resources on Jobsite
  • Fight All Forms of Harassment
  • Encourage Jobsite Harmony
  • Promote inter-trade Cooperation
  • Promote Productivity
  • Vital Information Conduit
  • Labor Solidarity
  • Protect Union from Legal Liabilities

Specific Steward Duties:

  • File Steward Reports
  • Check Dues Cards
  • Report Hours Worked
  • Attend Union Meeting
  • Attend Steward Meetings
  • Assist with Grievances
  • Gather Vital Information
  • Spot Contract Violators
  • Transmit Information
  • Check Subcontractors

Learn More About the Responsibilities of Stewards Through the Steward’s Pocket Manual

Click the button below to view the Steward’s Pocket Manual, which contains detailed information on the roles and responsibilities of jobsite stewards.

How to become a steward

If you would like to become a steward, contact your local’s business agent to register to attend the SSMRC Steward Education Program. Once you have completed the program, your business agent could select you to be a jobsite steward.

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