Safety Standards

Safety: A Business Deliverable

Safety comes first. For SSMRC millwrights and our contractors, safety is the overriding principle for accomplishing our work. We develop safety partnerships with contractors and owners to protect the health and safety of our millwrights — and to safeguard owners’ investments. Our goal is to prevent jobsite injuries, avoid work stoppages due to unsafe conditions, and eliminate higher project costs due to illnesses, accidents, deaths, worker disabilities, and workers’ compensation claims.

Continuous Training

Through continuous training, we instill a core value of safe work within everyone, from apprentices to superintendents. We live up to our standards through a commitment to proactive leadership, dedication to creating a safety-conscious environment, and the determination to achieve zero-accident jobsites.

Our Philosophy

Safety and productivity do not present an “either-or” proposition. Performing work safely is in the DNA of SSMRC millwrights. Safety-conscious contractors know that safety issues are minimized, without hindering productivity, when SSMRC millwrights are on the job. The stakes reach far beyond the fiscal benefits for both labor and management.

UBC Jobsite Safety Standards

Adherence to safe work does not change because of accelerated schedules, change orders, or difficult working conditions. Instead, it becomes even more important. We strive to remove the potential for unsafe practices and conditions at all times. This means:

  • Teaming up with general contractors, subcontractors, project managers, and owners to identify, assess, monitor, manage, and eliminate risks on every jobsite.
  • Best-practice sharing and collaboration among owners, contractors, and the UBC.
  • Consistent safety-related communications among all stakeholders prior to and throughout every project’s life cycle.
  • Meeting and exceeding the highest level of compliance with federal requirements, including OSHA and other safety standards.
  • Reinforcing zero-tolerance for safety infractions among our millwright members.
  • Ensuring that the level of our safety training meets and exceeds the level of inherent risk factors.

Our difference is our training.

SSMRC millwrights are trained to work and support an injury- and accident-free jobsite through attentiveness and continuous improvement in safety measures. Safety training starts on the first day of apprenticeship – and we reinforce safety throughout the millwright’s career.

UBC millwrights acquire the skills, knowledge, and preparation to work safe by focusing on:

  • Responsibility to others.
  • Understanding the contractor’s and owner’s safety expectations and potential unsafe factors on each job.
  • Safe performance and task completion, as well as safe behavior in and around active work areas.
  • Maintaining up-to-date safety, human-performance, first-aid, and OSHA qualifications.
  • Effective communication with co-workers and supervisors during all tasks.

Contractors Dedicated to Safety

Our employers’ primary goal is to complete a project with no incidents or injuries. An SSMRC contractor delivers safe jobsite practices by:

  • Including a health-and-safety management system and safety performance history in bid documents.
  • Providing a crew of millwrights with proven track records in safe work.
  • Verifying safety qualifications and training of employees.
  • Conducting a safety-orientation meeting with all employees prior to the job’s launch.
  • Communicating with project managers and owners regarding hazards and safety risks.
  • Demanding and maintaining a drug-free workforce.
  • Implementing a safety risk-assessment and mitigation program.
  • Completing safety audits with truthful and comprehensive information.
  • Eradicating hazardous or unsafe conditions or practices quickly and efficiently.