What’s a Millwright?

Millwrights are an elite group of industrial mechanics whose skills are unmatched by any other construction worker. Millwrights work in every industrial field imaginable: energy, chemical, paper mills, steel mills, auto plants, and virtually any other manufacturing plant. Basically, we keep the power on and industries moving.

Millwrights install, maintain, diagnose and repair industrial machines that usually cost millions of dollars. Work is done on compressors, pumps, conveyors, monorails, extruders, turbines, and mining equipment using hand and power tools, including welding equipment. Millwrights may adjust a machine’s calibration just the width of a human hair and increase that machine’s productivity by 20 percent.

Working conditions aren’t always pretty and they may be inside or outside, clean or dirty, wet or dry, or hot or cold. It’s a physical job. Lifting, pushing, pulling, and bending is common. Hardhats, safety glasses, durable clothing, and safety shoes are the typical items worn on a jobsite.