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Davis-Bacon Act updates mean higher pay, expanded coverage, more worker protections on projects headed our way

The U.S. Labor Department has announced comprehensive updates to the Davis-Bacon Act that will raise pay for many construction workers (including millwrights), help ensure prevailing wages keep pace with actual wages, expand coverage to modern energy projects, beef up enforcement, and protect workers from retaliation.

Support labor-friendly nominee to continue Marty Walsh’s pro-union work as head of U.S. Labor Department

Marty Walsh, a former union member, has led the U.S. Labor Department with policies and initiatives for strengthening workers’ rights, unions, and union apprenticeships. The nominee to be his successor is equally qualified and just as committed to defending working people’s rights and holding corporations accountable under the law.

SSMRC Sisters in the Brotherhood Committee prioritizing recruitment

Recruitment is a vital part of growing and strengthening the union, and the SSMRC Sisters in the Brotherhood Committee has made recruitment a top priority for its 2023-2024 goal cycle. Through collaborations with local business agents and training directors, several SIB members have been able to attend conferences and job fairs to reach out to young adults and working men and women.