Support labor-friendly nominee to continue Marty Walsh’s pro-union work as head of U.S. Labor Department

Victor Sanchez [right], business agent for Millwright Local 2232, met with Julie Su and Marty Walsh on Feb. 28 in Houston.

Marty Walsh, a former union member, has led the U.S. Labor Department with policies and initiatives for strengthening workers’ rights, unions, and union apprenticeships. We have seen real results because of his leadership.

The nominee to be his successor is equally qualified and just as committed to defending working people’s rights and holding corporations accountable under the law. Julie Su has served as deputy secretary of the Labor Department since 2021. She has spent her career battling wage theft, establishing and enforcing workplace safety standards, and facilitating the creation good-paying, high-quality jobs.

Su met with Victor Sanchez, business agent for Millwright Local 2232, when she was in Houston for the launch of a new apprenticeship program Feb. 28. Read more about Su in the AFL-CIO message below and sign the petition so she can continue the great work Marty Walsh started.

Julie Su’s record speaks for itself. As a young attorney representing trafficked Thai garment workers outside of Los Angeles, she won $4 million in stolen wages. Her case set a huge precedent, and that was just the beginning of a storied career. 

What’s most impressive about Su is that she understands the nuances of labor law so thoroughly and translates that knowledge to meaningful policy that changes lives. She has made a career out of representing not only workers, but the most vulnerable workers in America. 

The problem is that well-heeled lobbyists and corporate special interests are spending big to block her confirmation when it comes up for a committee vote in the Senate on April 20.

Simply put, Su needs our support. Workers deserve a labor secretary who will fiercely defend working people. Will you say you stand with her? 

What stands out about Su, beyond her expertise in labor law and policy, is that she believes so deeply in what she does. Prior to her predecessor, it had been decades before workers even had a union member at the helm of the Labor Department. 

In short—Su’s confirmation will be a game changer for working families. Please take a minute to sign the petition and show you support Julie Su

In Solidarity,