Update on Spring 2021 nuclear outage season

The last three outages of the spring 2021 outage season started early this month. Although this was a moderate outage season with 10 outages, there were challenges. The biggest challenge for the SSMRC was trying to schedule two outages for as many members as possible. This involved lots of coordination: from outage to outage, utility to utility, and contractor to contractor, with hurdles including short windows between outages, weather delays, and COVID-19 testing. It was not a task easily accomplished. However, and as always, the members of the SSMRC were patient and understanding. Thank you.

Our employers also are deserving of thanks. The willingness of supervisors and resource coordinators to schedule layoffs, delay report dates, assist with in-processing, and communicate with site management played a key role in this effort. We should always remember these are not just our employers, but our partners in business. Their success is our success; thus, our success is their success. We should carry a team mentality onto each jobsite. We are one team!

Again, I thank every person for their efforts in making this spring outage season a success for the SSMRC.

David Bonds, SSMRC nuclear representative