Eastern Region Update – May 2023

Work in the Eastern Region will continue to be plentiful throughout the remainder of 2023. 

The Eastern Region has many working opportunities within the conveyor industry that should keep our members busy in between outage seasons. 

Please use the downtime this summer to schedule your rigging certification if yours has expired or is nearing expiration. We also always need welders, and those booths are available for your use.

I have been approached by several of our partnering contractors, who are needing millwrights to step up to those foreman, general foreman, superintendent, and estimating roles. We need people to take these positions, or they will be filled by other crafts. We have the potential to gain significant market share and opportunities if we have people in those positions. Without filling these positions, we lose our work to the contractors not bidding on it, or another craft managing them. Our organization will assist you in preparing for those roles. If you are interested in holding one of these positions, please step up and reach out to your local business agent. 

Thank you for working Safely, Professionally, and Productively

Logan Brown

Eastern Region Director