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May Member E-News: Technical school partnership helps grow membership in Tennessee; SSMRC representatives increase brand awareness at business expo; member spotlight on Jeremy Kastberg; and more

April Member E-News: Training staff enhances instructing skills; high school students explore career opportunities at career fair; member spotlight on Levi Gleason; and more

Central Region Update – May 2023

Work across the central region has been plentiful this past Spring within the Automotive and Power-gen industries. Millwrights are in high demand across the eleven state-footprint, recruitment is a high priority, and we need members to accommodate all upcoming projects. Bottom-up organizing is an excellent way of recruiting within our organization. If you know of any mechanically inclined individuals who want a lifelong career, put them in touch with your local business representative, and let’s get them to work.

May Member Spotlight – Jeremy Kastberg

Growing up, we tend to look up to our parents and grandparents, as positive influences, and mentors. We often strive to follow in their footsteps, as we walk through normal, everyday life. That was no different for Local 1192’s Jeremy Kastberg. He is a fourth-generation millwright, who for the last 8 years, has been devoted to building a prosperous career in the industry that has given so much to his family for many decades. Being a millwright is a tough career, filled with many rigorous challenges, but Kastberg is no stranger to hard work. Before joining the millwright trade, he served 10-years in the United States Army National Guard.

Western Region Director Update – April 2023

The SSMRC’s motto is “Safe, Productive, Professional”. Safety is always first in everything that we do, and we should not only adhere to that standard, but we should educate others on our jobs and speak out when there are issues that need to be addressed. No millwright wants to be injured on a job and no employer wants someone on their job to be hurt. As union members you should not fear retaliation from pointing out safety concerns or taking the time to ensure the task is safe for everyone involved. We expect that from every member. From the brand-new apprentice to the seasoned journeyperson. You will always have the support of SSMRC representatives and leadership if there are ever safety issues.

Eastern Region Director Update – April 2023

Most Locals have nominations and elections that are coming up for their local union. I encourage you to nominate and vote for someone who will represent your local in those positions to a higher standard. If running for a position in your local union, I ask that you read the constitution and fully understand the duties of the position that you are campaigning for. If elected, I encourage you to perform your duties that are assigned by the constitution and to take these positions seriously.

April Member Spotlight – Levi Gleason

Being a millwright comes with a lot of hard work. Working conditions are not always pretty and are sometimes tough, but that doesn’t stop the dedicated individuals, who have made the decision to pursue a career in the millwright trade from getting the job done. Local 1554’s Levi Gleason is no stranger to hard work and dedication.