At Kennedy King events, SSMRC staff discuss labor standards, work opportunities

FROM LEFT: Logan Brown, SSMRC Eastern Region director; Omar Diaz, Local 1000 recording secretary; Matthew Bartles, millwright instructor, Florida Carpenters Training Trust Fund; Travis Hurd, Local 1000 member; Cliff Tucker, Local 1000 business agent; Paul Morse, director of operations for W. Soule & Co.; and Robert Jeffers, Local 2411 business agent

While attending the Kennedy King Gala in Tampa, Florida, on Aug. 20, SSMRC staff networked with local and state elected officials and candidates to discuss ways to improve labor standards and to learn about upcoming projects that could provide work opportunities for our members.

Florida state Senator Darryl Rouson sat with the SSMRC delegation. Rouson, who supports pro-labor policies, has been a Florida Senate member since 2016 and is up for re-election this year.

Staff also attended the Kennedy King Awards, a similar event, in North Little Rock, Arkansas, on Feb. 19.