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Nuclear Office Work Update — June 2022

With low pressure and generator issues, the spring outage at Waterford should be finishing up mid-June. As is typical with the power demands at a peak for summer, all nuclear plants are online providing the much-needed electricity. In discussion with our partnering contractors, we will have an average fall outage season. I hesitate to state […]

Central Region Work Updates — April 2022

Spring outage work was very busy for our members across the Central Region. We have many automotive and power-generation projects taking place now or coming up at various sites as well as paper-mill and refinery work. Bottom up organizing is a great way of recruiting within our organization and if you know of anyone available that […]

Eastern Region Work Updates — April 2022

Good day members of the Eastern District of the SSMRC. I am pleased to report that the work opportunities for this month are promising. Our district continues to diversify its industry portfolio bringing continued working opportunities for the members. With the spring outage season winding down, I am reporting to you on the upcoming income […]

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