Central Region Work Updates — April 2022

Spring outage work was very busy for our members across the Central Region. We have many automotive and power-generation projects taking place now or coming up at various sites as well as paper-mill and refinery work.

Bottom up organizing is a great way of recruiting within our organization and if you know of anyone available that is mechanically inclined and wanting a lifelong career then organize them! Put the individual in touch with your local business representative and lets get them to working. We are in need of new members as more working opportunities present itself across our region.

Millwrights are in high demand across our eleven state footprint as we have more work than we do members, now is a good time to organize!

Please reach out to your business agent and put yourself on the out-of-work list if you are available for work. If you are traveling outside of your home local jurisdiction for work, check in with the local that has jurisdiction where you are procuring work.

Please take advantage of all opportunities to enhance your skill sets (forklift, welding, aerial lift, rigging) through the training department. As always, let’s do things right the first time, on time, every time while being safe, professional, and productive!

We are working with the following contractors at the listed facilities.

Local 1554:

TVA Bull Run is scheduled to complete May 18th

Chickamauga Dam is still going, they are going to need more manpower but the date for that is unknown at the moment.

MSI, Mid-Tenn  will need millwrights for the July 4th shut down.  Scott, with Mid-Tenn is anticipating 30 millwrights.

Siemens has a project scheduled for May 15 in Batesville, Miss., and will be needing 6 millwrights.

APM is gearing up for a project at TVA, Plant Allen and will be needing 6 millwrights.

Bridgestone, Superior needs 10 millwrights.

ASI continues with their project at General Motors and is expected to last for six more months and need approximately 10 millwrights.

-The Spring Hill, Tenn., General Motors, and the new battery plant projects are well underway and are going well.  

Ford’s Blue Oval City project is currently underway with their civil and underground utilities.

Shimmick Construction is currently working at the Chickamauga Lock & Dam.

Local 1192:

Miller is winding down for APM and DZ.

We have work upcoming at Toyota Tupelo with NKC

Griffin has some upcoming work at MTMUS.

J&J Machinery has work at the Toyota engine plant.

Atlas will probably have an outage during Memorial Day and we will have several summer outages in the automotive industry.

Plant Ratcliffe has a couple of projects coming up:

McAbee- May 18 through June 9, five millwrights, 7/12 schedule, no per diem.

SIEMENS- May 18 through June 9, five millwrights, 7/12 schedule, $75-$100 a day per diem.

Plant Barry:

BVCI- May 2- long term, two millwrights, 5/9 schedule, no per diem.

BVCI- May 9- long term, one millwright, 5/9 schedule, no per diem

AM/NS Steel Mill:

National Steel City- May 3- long term, two millwrights, 5/10 schedule, no per diem

LICYCLE- Northport, AL:

Boulter Industrial Contracting- May 3-24, one millwright, 5/10 schedule, $100 a day per diem.