Q4 2022 Western Region update: We’re ready to help our partners take advantage of historic construction

The Western Region of the SSMRC has enjoyed immense success in 2022. Comparing this year’s first- and second-quarter work hours to those of the past decade, we surpassed our best years by more than 200,000 hours. As always, with the addition of projects to our workload, we have grown our millwright workforce. We are nearing 4% region-wide growth in membership in 2022 and are looking to increase that even more next year to meet market demands.

We have been addressing the need for additional skills and certifications as well. Collaborating with our partnering employers and end users, we are developing training to fill some of the skills gaps we are finding in the field. Our plan is to have new and additional curriculum rolled out by late spring. We are constantly looking for feedback so we can improve our procedures and training and provide the best millwright labor available. If you have ideas to share, please contact me or our training staff using the contact info here.

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and the CHIPS and Science Act have started a construction frenzy across the region. We are targeting significant opportunities in all four states of the region, from new construction on manufacturing facilities to major expansions that will be providing millwright work for several years. Reach out to me or our business agents to find out about bid opportunities.

2022 has been a record year in a lot of ways, but 2023 and beyond are shaping up to be even better. Major projects resulting from the new legislation and a shift back to American manufacturing are creating one of the greatest moments in recent history for growth in the construction industry. Opportunities will be plentiful, and the SSMRC will do everything possible to help our employers, partners, and members take advantage of this environment and be successful.