Nuclear Office Report: The challenges and successes of the Spring 2022 outage season

The Challenges

The busy spring nuclear outage season presented a few challenges. With 12 turbine outages from February through April and a total call for just over 725 millwrights, we knew it would be a logistics hurdle. The labor needs alone were going to be a challenge, not to mention the site coordination and need to transfer members between outages during short windows. Making this possible would take teamwork.

The Success

The SSMRC Nuclear Office, our partnering employers, site management teams, owners, and the UBC Millwrights faced the challenges with clear communication, active participation, pre-planning, and a careful eye on tracking. Management superbly mitigated the possible effects of such a busy, labor-intensive season. This could not have been accomplished without the already established “one team” relationship and teamwork among all parties involved.

The Numbers

Our nuclear workforce held strong against the 738-millwright request across 12 outages. We were able to bring new workers into our industry, get assistance from UBC millwrights across the nation, and fulfill our obligation to our partnering contractors. Now that is teamwork!