We’re providing business-development opportunities, not just skilled labor

Good day, industry partners. As regional manager covering the Carolinas, Georgia, and Florida, I would like to report on the business-development resources available to you as well as some examples of successful campaigns. Three years ago, the SSMRC leadership team put in place the regional directors’ positions. These positions allow the directors the time and resources to build relationships within the industries our millwrights serve and to assist our partners in increasing work opportunities.

  • We participate in industry associations and events such as the Construction Users Roundtable, the Central Gulf Industrial Alliance, the Southeastern Construction Owners & Associates Roundtable, PowerGen International, BizNow industrial events, HydroVision International, and state manufacturing association events. Our organization has the same individuals attending these events so that we can build relationships with the players in our industries. We understand your time is valuable, so we bring you introductions and sponsorship opportunities we have vetted. Through industry connections we have developed, we learn about partnership needs we can share with you to help expand your business. We have built relationships with decision makers and gained insight into bidding opportunities for our business partners.
  • The regional-director positions also have allowed us to become more politically active, building relationships with elected officials who can carry our business partners’ concerns to state houses, county commission meetings, city council sessions, and more. We have dedicated time and resources to making our state officials aware of unfair labor practices that make it difficult for you to be competitive. We have utilized our relationships to help with permitting, getting apprenticeship language in city contracts, and bringing awareness to visa-program fraud.
  • Our business-development efforts give us access to industry reports that let us know about newly announced projects that we can share with you. Each director can tailor these reports to the size, scope, and total investment value that you are looking for. Several of our industry partners receive these weekly reports, which include contact information for those involved in the projects announced.
  • We host labor-management meetings where we can work together to continuously improve. These meetings bring us together to collaborate on lessons learned, areas for improvement, identifying inefficiencies, and pinpointing action items we can use to improve overall performance.

In summary, the SSMRC is positioned to be a complete business partner, not just a skilled labor provider. Please feel free to reach out to discuss ways we can assist you and how we can collaborate to grow working opportunities for your organization and our millwrights.