Nuclear Office Work Update – December 2021

Although everything has not been confirmed, all indicators are we will have a very busy spring season. Siemens’ outages will be at Grand Gulf, Waterford, Watts Bar, Farley, Comanche Peak, and Turkey Point. APM’s outages will be at Hatch, Browns Ferry, Vogtle, Oconee, and Brunswick (unconfirmed). All the start dates are preliminary, so I have yet to construct the logistics of manpower from outage to outage. I am hopeful the start dates, along with any COVID protocol changes will be confirmed very soon.

In discussions with both employers, I learned there is one utility considering implementing a COVID-vaccination policy. This has not yet been confirmed. Any rumors or rumblings you may have heard are not true, to my knowledge. Let us all bear in mind the utilities are part of our customer chain as well, and everyone has a choice. This is not the policy of our employers. We need to keep an open mind and work through the policies, mandates, etc. as they come and not preset our thoughts in a negative manner. We are the SSMRC millwrights, and we will prevail by staying on track with our goal: giving our partnering contractor and the customer the best, most highly skilled, safe, and professional workforce, exceeded by no other!