Q1 2023 Central Region Update: We’re monitoring industry spending and potential projects

As each new year begins, we look at projected industry spending that might provide additional bidding opportunities for our partnering contractors. For the Central Region, the industrial-spending outlook on capital and balance-of-plant opportunities for the first half of 2023 totals more than $19 billion. Industrial-manufacturing spending of more than $8 billion includes the Ford Blue Oval project. Recruitment will be a top priority for the Central Region for 2023, especially in the northwest part of the region.

To date, North American spending is up for almost all industries we serve.

With the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law funding on the way, we have been trying to stay in front of opportunities that might present themselves. Recently, we attended the National Association of State Energy Officials’ 2023 Energy Policy Outlook Conference to meet state and local policymakers. We will promote UBC Millwrights at the POWERGEN International Conference in Orlando, Florida, this month.

2023 will be plentiful with work opportunities for our members and partnering contractors alike. Soon we will open a state-of-the-art, 25,000-square-foot training center near Nashville, Tennessee. The center will house two robot stations, a floor conveyor and monorail system, and a computer room where members can do nuclear NANTeL training.

The Central Region team will always maintain focus on growth through recruitment and market share.