Carpenters’ Bill of Rights

Carpenters’ Bill of Rights and Responsibilities

The Carpenters’ Bill of Rights and Responsibilities is simple, direct, and fair.

Our Bill of Rights says: Here’s what we believe. Here’s what we stand for. Here are the basic rights of every working carpenter – union and non-union. 

But with rights come responsibilities – and no one knows that better than we do. We know that it is the responsibility of every carpenter to provide a good day’s work and to produce a craftsman’s product in return.

All working people have a right to:
• A good job with benefits

• A living wage that can support a family

• Security and dignity in work and retirement

• A safe and secure workplace

• Education and training to reach our full potential

With rights come responsibilities:
• Being productive, efficient workers

• Producing work of the highest quality – work that we stand behind

• Improving our communities

• Helping fellow workers achieve safety and security in the workplace

• Being active citizens and informed voters