Union Millwrights called for efficiency upgrade at Bowen Power Plant

Union Millwrights staging high pressure turbine shell

Georgia Power, a subsidiary of Southern Company, relied on SSMRC millwrights working for Atlantic Plant Maintenance to complete an efficiency upgrade to the coal-fueled Bowen power plant near Atlanta, GA. In an effort to reduce the Nitrous Oxide output and increase efficiency, a number of changes were made to the General Electric turbine that increased the power output by 13%.

By making use of General Electric's methods of reburn and advanced aeburn, Nitrous Oxide reduction can be over 70%. SSMRC millwrights also upgraded the turbine using the latest in General Electric's technology: Dense Pack, which uses the principle of more turbine stages at smaller wheel diameters which create a more efficient steam path. This produces a lower heat rate and increases output with the same amount of steam flow. This efficiency not only leads to more output with reduced Nitrous Oxide output, but also increases the longevity of the turbine.

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