Southern Millwrights Rebuild Generator in Wheeler Dam

Wheeler Dam in Rogersville, AL

SSMRC Millwrights and contractor Voith Hydro are teaming to rebuild Unit #1's generater at Wheeler Dam near Rogersville, Alambama. Wheeler Dam is an 11-unit hydroelectric dam owned and operated by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA).

Thanks to the extensive amount of training and dedication to superior quality that SSMRC members possess, every millwright placed at the project met all TVA standards for training and passed all background checks that Voith Hydro uses to screen their workers.

Millwrights on the project are from Alabama/Mississippi Local 1192. They are involved in every aspect of the project: From mobilization and setting of new sole plates, to building a new stator at the site of the old stator, which was removed by TVA prior to the contractor and the union millwrights’ arrival.

Cipriano Resendez, Project Manager for Voith Hydro, said that the SSMRC millwrights dispatched to the project were professional and productive, and quickly adapted very well to procedures that Voith Hydro used in accomplishing the task at hand.

The SSMRC and its affiliates rely on - and expect - the two characteristics that Mr. Resendez spoke of: Professionalism and Productivity. These millwrights have shown excellent skills by rigging the new housing and setting it in place to support Voith Hydro’s welders when performing welding activities and installing laminates and windings.

Doug Draper, Outage Manager for TVA, said that things were going well and if there were any problems or issues, Voith Hydro and the millwrights took care of them He added that TVA was happy with the progress on the project and had no complaints. TVA’s senior manager, Kevin York, also expressed his appreciation for Voith Hydro and the SSMRC millwrights for their performance in helping to restore Unit #1 back into operation.

Wayne Jennings, Local 1192 Business Representative, extended his gratitude by saying, “I would like to thank TVA for the tour we received and their hospitality while we were on site at Wheeler Dam. I would also like to Thank Voith Hydro for giving our millwrights the opportunity to help with this project, and I hope we can continue to build on this relationship”.

Jennings also commended the members of Local 1192 and every other member of the SSMRC who go out and perform professionally every day and at every jobsite they work in. They readily step up to new challenges and take the time to upgrade their training to be able to supply qualified and productive workers that produce success for contractors such as Voith Hydro and the facility owners such as TVA.

Local 1192 members working in the stator of the generator of Unit Number One

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