SSMRC Helping Nissan Go Green

Nissan Plant in Symrna, TN

SSMRC millwrights are installing equipment in the new paint shop and battery plant at the Nissan Assembly Plant in Smyrna, Tennessee. This plant will produce the new LEAF electric vehicle, which the company calls a “leading environmentally friendly, affordable family car."

The $200 million expansion is part of the $1.4 billion loan granted to Nissan by the U.S. Department of Energy, allowing the manufacturing of the Nissan LEAF and its advanced batteries. Production of the Nissan LEAF and lithium-ion batteries moves the United States closer to its goal of energy independence while creating green jobs, and will help sustain American manufacturing. The vehicle plant adjacent to the paint shop will be retooled to make room for production of the Nissan LEAF and will be capable of manufacturing 150,000 electric cars each year.

Millwright 1554 member Bob Mynatt purchased his new LEAF August 2011. His daily commute to the Oak Ridge National Laborites is 75.3 miles total. Bob currently has 7,138 miles on the odometer and just had his first service, which was simply a tire rotation and cabin filter check. With this electric car, there is no need for the 3,000 mile oil change. Bob says that the acceleration and response to pedal is instantaneous with this electric car while having a stable and smooth ride. Bob states that the LEAF has given him energy independence and he thinks that Nissan’s use of Union millwrights to build this addition is a step forward for everyone involved. Pictured below with Bob's Leaf are his two sons. The oldest wants a LEAF for himself and the youngest will get this one when he goes to college, which signifies the direction the automotive industry is headed.

The new Nissan Leaf

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