SSMRC Earns High Marks for Work at Toyota Plant Expansion Project

Southern States Millwrights are hard at work in Huntsville, Alabama, and their exceptional skills, productivity, and professional attitudes are keeping a large automotive industry project humming according to plans. 

Toyota is expanding its engine facility, and SSMRC members from Local 1192 are working for Duncan Machinery Movers on the project. Work began in early July. Currently, SSMRC millwrights are installing a new engine assembly line. 

“Everything went well, as usual. We have completed three or four jobs already with the SSMRC and everything is done right," said Chris McCoy, project manager.

Local 1192 Business Representative, Wayne Jennings, is a frequent visitor to the job site to ensure work is going according to both contractor and client expectations  "Both Chris McCoy and Tommy Shortridge (site superintendent) are pleased with the project and say that there haven’t been any issues," Jennings reports. "They appreciate the quality of millwrights the SSMRC and Local 1192 supplies on a daily basis. That kind of feedback is a direct credit to our members."

SSMRC Executive Secretary-Treasurer Dennis Donahou said the Toyota project's success is one more example of SSMRC’s professional attitude and productive work ethic. "It is very important to help our partners, our contractors, succeed," Donahou said. 

Although the assembly line work is coming to a close, there are several other lines that will be installed in the same building. Donahou believes the excellent work that SSMRC members provided positions them with an excellent chance to continue providing service to Duncan Machinery Movers and Toyota.  

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